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Fivetecnc closed type magnetic scale

The closed type magnetic scale is an ideal option for big machines or those with bad condition, with much oil, water, or dust etc.

    Magnetic non-contact reading head;
    Travel range from 1000-10000mm, max can be 50 meter.
    5μm resolution as standard, 1um and other options on request.
    EIA-422-A / RS422 output signals as standard, TTL signal on request.
    LED light equipped for installation status feedback.
    Wipers equipped for a clean magnetic scale surface.
    IP67 high protection level.

Magnetic scale read head technical parameters:

    Supply current:<35mA
    Cable Voltage-drop:~4.8mV/m-without load,~12.5mV/m-with 120Ω load
    Output signal: RS422
    Signal Level:
    UH≥2.5V at-IH=20mA
    UL≤0.5V at IL=20mA
    Temperature: working:-20℃-+80℃
    Storage -40℃-+85℃
    Resolution:0.01mm or 0.005mm
    Repeat Accuracy:1 pulse
    Cable length:3 meter

The Fivetecnc contactless magnetic scale measuring system gets slim dimensions, which is simple to install. It matches IP 67 protection degree and gets excellent performance to resist the oil, dust, dirt..etc.The best choice is to work under adverse conditions.
What is a magnetic encoder?

Magnetic scales are a type of rotary encoder that uses sensors to identify changes in magnetic fields from a rotating magnetized wheel or ring.

There are 3 major components in a magnetic encoder:

    Sensing Circuit
    A rotating wheel or ring
    A series of magnetic poles around the circumference of the wheel or ring

As the wheel or ring spins past the magnetic sensor, the poles cause a predictable response in the sensor based on the strength of the magnetic field. The magnetic response is fed through a signal conditioning electrical circuit and output as a digital signal to the controlling device.

The number of magnetized pole pairs on the wheel pole, the number of sensors, and the type of electrical circuit all work together to determine the resolution of the magnetic scale. The key to using magnetism as the element to produce a signal is that it is unaffected by very demanding environments – including dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures, and shock.

How Do Magnetic encoders Work?
An optical linear encoder uses light (optics) to identify unique positions for the encoder, while a magnetic scale uses the same principle to determine a position as an optical encoder, but it does it using magnetic fields rather than light.

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