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 The magnetic tape consists of a tape with a pole pitch of 5+5mm tape and a protective stainless steel belt. It is flat and glued to a special aluminum case and equipped with a special protective steel belt to make the tape better oil-proof,waterproof, dustproof and life-saving.

Magnetic Tape Specification:

Model Pole Pitch Magnetization Accuracy Width Height Length Working Temperature Storage Temperature
FT50 5mm ±0.03mm 10mm 1.2mm Any length,maximum 50 meter -20℃—70℃ -30℃—80℃
FT20 2mm ±0.03mm 10mm 1.2mm Any length,maximum 50 meter -20℃—70℃ -30℃—80℃
FT10 1mm ±0.02mm 10mm 1.2mm Any length,maximum 50 meter -20℃—70℃ -30℃—80℃

We accept customiz magnetic tape, and FT50 series tape work with 5um magnetic sensor, FT20 series tape work with 1um magnetic sensor , but the FT10 series tape can not work with normal 1um or 5um magnetic scale,it is for special magentic sensor.Please contact us for special magnetic sensor.

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