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Universal Linear Scales Features:

Linear encoder resolution : 5micron (1um/0.5um for option)
Travel length:0-1020mm / 0-40 inch
Output signal :TTL (RS422 avalible for option)
Accuracy: +-3/5/8um
Linear scale size:21*33mm 
Scale cable length: 3 meter
Measure length: 70-1300mm 

Main Feature:

☆ Accuracy: High precision grade ± (3 + 3L0 / 1000) μm, standard grade ± (5 + 5L0 / 1000) μm;
☆ Running speed: more than 100 meters per minute;
☆ The sliding part adopts 5 paper bearings, which has excellent repeatability;
☆ The signal line is protected by multi-layer isolation net and metal soft shell, which is excellent in waterproof and anti-interference;
☆ The ruler is made of aluminum alloy and is anodized. The ruler is die-cast with alloy, hard chrome plated and corrosion resistant.
☆ The dustproof piece is made of special plastic, which is resistant to corrosion and scratches and has low friction resistance;
☆ Individualized components, easy installation, maintenance and maintenance, good waterproof and dustproof, and long service life;
☆ The rubber is double seal of the linear scale 



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